In this video you'll learn how to say Chinese words and sentences such as:

  • "Yes & No" (是, 不)

  • "Correct & Incorrect" (对, 不对)

  • "Yes, I want" & "No, I don't want" (要, 不要)

  • Plus a variety of other Mandarin words and phrases

Learn how to speak in the PAST TENSE using Mandarin Chinese, with sentences including core vocabulary such as:

  • "Yesterday" (昨天)

  • "The day before yesterday" (前天)

  • "Last week" (上周)

  • "Last time" (上次)

  • Plus a range more key words...

In this video you’ll learn how to speak in the FUTURE TENSE, with key words and sentences including:

  • “I will…”(我会)

  • “Later”(等会儿)

  • “Tomorrow”(明天)

  • “The day after tomorrow”(后天)

  • “Next time"(下次)

  • “Next week”(下周)

  • Plus many more key words and sentences…

This video will teach you the various family members in Mandarin Chinese as well as a range of sentences including: 

  • “Do you have any sisters?” (你有没有姐妹?)

  • “No, but I have one older brother”(没有, 但是我有一个哥哥)

  • “How old are your children?”(你的孩子几岁了?)

  • Plus many more…

In the second instalment of TIME, we combine vocabulary from our last video along with more key words and sentences including:

  • “What time do you start work?” (你几点上班?)

  • “What time do you get up everyday?” 你每天几点起床?)

  • “Quarter past 4”  (四点一刻)

  • “Half 9 in the morning” (早上九点半)

  • “What time shall we meet?” (几点见面?)

  • Plus many more…

In this Mandarin video we'll explain how to ask and answer the question “Do you have…?” with various examples and additional vocabulary.

In this video you'll learn how to speak in the PRESENT TENSE with key words and sentences including:

  • "I am..." (我在)

  • "I always..." (总是)

  • "I often..." (经常)

  • "I sometimes..." (有时)

  • "I occasionally..." (偶尔)

  • "I never..."(从不)

  • Plus more essential words and sentences

This Chinese Language video will develop your self-introductions and small talk by focusing on AGE, with key words and sentences including:

  • “How old are you?” (你多大, 你多少岁, 你几岁?)

  • “How old is he/she?”(他/她多大?)

  • “I’m 20 years old”(我二十五岁)

  • Plus more useful vocabulary…

In this video we’ll teach how to ask and tell the time in Mandarin Chinese, with example sentences including:

  • “What time?” (几点?)

  • “What’s the time?” (现在几点?)

  • “It’s 5 o’clock”(五点钟)

  • “It’s 10:25”(十点二十五)

  • “It’s 7 o’clock in the morning”(早上七点)

  • Plus many more…

In this Chinese Language video, we’ll teach you the different ways to say the days of the week in Mandarin, with vocabulary including:

  • MONDAY - SUNDAY (星期一到星期天)

  • “Weekend” 周末)

  • “Workday”  (工作日)

  • “Last Wednesday” (上周三)

  • “This Monday” (这个星期一)

  • “Next Saturday” (下个星期六)

  • Etc...


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